Does your vehicle suffer from any of the following Toowoomba brake repairs:

  • Soft pedal
  • Hard pedal
  • Sinking pedal
  • Dragging problems
  • Squeaking, howling and squealing noises

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5 Most Common Toowoomba Brake Repair Issues and Problems

We have listed five of the most common Toowoomba Brake Repairs we have encountered here at Blatch's Mechanical Repairs. Read on to learn more about the common issues and problems associated with these brake repairs and maintenance.

Soft Pedal Brakes

If you feel that your brake pedal is getting so easy to push, even with very little pressure applied to it; then it may be because of the following issues:

  • Air presence in the brake system
  • Damaged master, caliper, ¬†wheel cylinder, residual valve or wheel bearing
  • Presence of fluid leak in the system

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Hard Pedal Brakes

If it takes you more pressure to pedal travel or brake force, then the following parts of your vehicle has to be inspected and checked:

  • Vacuum hose
  • Check valve
  • Caliper
  • Brake pads

Our team of mechanics in Toowoomba can help check these parts for you. Visit us, today.

Sinking Pedal

If after pressing on the brake, your pedal feels like it slowly sinks to the floor then you need to check on your master cylinder. Otherwise, go ahead and check if there are any leak somewhere in the system.

Dragging Brakes

If your brake fails to completely disengage one way or another then one or more of the following issues may be causing the trouble:

  • Seized caliper, pads, or parking cable
  • Rusted drum or disc
  • Clogged master cylinder return hole
  • Collapsed or pinched brake line

Don't let these inconveniences cause any trouble to your driving pleasure. Let us check your brakes. Bring your car to our shop for inspection and repair.

Squeaking, howling and squealing noises

When you hear these with your engine, then it is a signal that the remaining pad left on your brakes is already less than 25%. Otherwise, this may be due to a glaze build-up on your pads.

Other contributory factors that may lead to this condition include:

  • Friction materials
  • Manufacturing tolerance
  • Random wear factors

There may be other brake repair and maintenance issues you will encounter with your engine. Stay safe while driving, don't let these issues put you and your family and danger on the road. Have it checked by licensed mechanics in Toowoomba. Talk to us, today.